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hiwattlabs mastering studio

"When I first started mastering over a decade ago, I would take a very 'subtle' and 'transparent' approach...

                                                   Today I use every tool at my disposal to master a better SONG. 

                                                      For me, this often requires heavy processing and unconventional methods,

                                                                                        utilizing a combination of both analog and digital gear"


                        "I have no set method to mastering, I like to first listen to the source material thoroughly, 

                                                                                                         and choose the appropriate tools for the job. 

     I really love the work and find it challenging.  I find myself drawing on just about everything I've ever                                                                                                                            learned about sound, it's awesome!" 



                                                     If you're interested in mastering with hiwatt, please hit the contact button

                                                                                                                and enter 'MASTERING' in the subject line.


Here is a great example from a recent mastering session with 'Vio'!

Go ahead and switch back and fourth between the pre and post master below!

(pretty radical approach and lots of pumping but I love the added energy!)

-thank you for permission to play these Violet!

Relentless_Pre - Vio
Relentless_Post - Vio
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